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Currently CEO at MATRIX Public Health Solutions (, a social enterprise that provides strategic guidance to governments (local, state, federal), industry, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and health care systems. Along with her colleagues, she takes great pride in having built from the ground level up, a firm that has addressed the unmet needs of vulnerable under-served and under-represented populations across the globe. Denise has an international reputation as a leader in systems change initiatives that are complex and involve solutions that are strategic, innovative, and involve multi-sectoral collaboration. As an epidemiologist and public health practitioner, Denise weaves together scientific rigor with on the ground sensibility. Through fundraising she has obtained over 100 million to found, support and/or serve on boards of non-profit organizations. She is currently a member of the International Women’s Forum, Yale Women, and several other professional associations.
With over 20 + years of experience gathering, analyzing and synthesizing data to strengthen programs, organizational capacity, reconstruct systems and develop new policies, Denise has both breadth and depth of knowledge that is unique to a broad portfolio of clients.

Specialties: Strategy Advisor (Programmatic, ROI, RBA), Public Policy, Program Development, Organizational Development, Corporate Social Responsibility, Knowledge Management, Knowledge Impact, Research, Evaluation, Community Relations, Partnerships