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    DeKalb County project: Your project sounds wonderful.  Good Luck! ------------------------------ Kitty Wallace Garden Coalition Tampa FL ------------------------------

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    Thanks for this comprehensive response!  We have an entire portion of the Institute dedicated to community engagement but please don't hesitate to connect with me, individually, at any time to chat about community engagement strategies.   See you soon! ...

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    Hey David, How are you preparing for the Institute? I'm actually spending a fair amount of my time drafting my impact report for internal review.  Going through this process has generated several questions that I will ask at the institute next week to ...

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    Preparation for the Institute This year's HC&CC Institute in Nashville is just days away! The Institute, like its predecessors, is an opportunity for HC50 finalists to learn from subject matter experts and share experiences with their peers. Being the ...

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    Durham and Cabarrus Counties, North Carolina: CHW Impact in Chronic Disease Self-Management * NEWS UPDATE:  Dr. Bradi Granger, Professor at the School of Nursing at Duke University and community health workers Tawanna Jackson and L'Tanya Gilchrist ...

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    Policy Streams Political Scientist John W. Kingdon changed the way we articulate the policy process in his book, Agendas, Alternatives and Public Policies , first published in 1984. Kingdon describes the policy process as a contribution from three ...

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    Community Spotlight Blair County, Pennsylvania: Active Living Blair County Get Active Blair County! 1. What are some of the greatest health challenges that the members in your community face? Our County residents are dealing with high ...

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    Perception of Community and Community Project Whether it's trails in Washington, food trucks in Illinois or summer camps in Connecticut, one goal remains the same: Building community trust. Trust can take years to establish and only seconds to lose. ...

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CHW Impact in Chronic Disease Self-Management
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