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    Great feedback Richard, One thing that has worked for us has been posting motivational messages along our trail system. This was through a partnership with the City Parks and Recreation department. We received a lot of positive feedback about the ...

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    Thanks to Matt and John for their detailed replies to my question about effective community marketing that promotes healthy behaviors, especially activity. Some of these, we're doing. Some are new ways for us to approach our strategies for summer and ...

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    Lamond, We have a number of events coming up.  As I think you know, we highlighted two of the parks in our Healthy Community Corridor -- Bethany Park and Shawnee Park -- with a Commissioners Cup Youth Futsal tournament a week ago on May 6.  However, ...

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    Hi Richard,  Great question about the "If You Build It, Will They Come?" issue. I think John did a good job responding to some of the other points your question brought up, but I thought I'd address this one question directly, as it's one I often grapple ...

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    We want to hear more about the work you are doing in your community! Feel free to reply to the discussion and tell us more about your progress, any stories, and pictures from your projects! ------------------------------ JeVonna Ephraim APHA Washington ...

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    Sadly, will not be able to attend this afternoon's webinar since it is the same time as a key Infrastructure Action Team  meeting for Healthy Communities Wyandotte.  However, looking forward to the recorded webinar, and to working with you and your organization ...

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    Richard, You are absolutely correct when you suggest that it is not as simple as "If you build it, they will come".  Although there is something to be said for those physical enhancements to the parks creating additional interest, curiosity and even ...

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    Matt, it is really exciting to see all the great work you are doing in Kansas! Please continue to share, I look forward to learning more! ------------------------------ JeVonna Ephraim APHA Washington DC -----------------------------

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