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    Limited Funds Limited funding is a constant reality for community projects and organizations. The amount of funds available dramatically impacts our decision-making and project designs. It is the difference between bringing on a new staff member to ...

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    Community Spotlight Richmond, VA: Wellness Warriors Wellness Warriors: Integrating Nutrition and Exercise into Richmond's Public Housing Communities Courtesy of the Richmond Health Department ...

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    Sustainability As we enter the next phase of the Challenge, it's time to start thinking about how we will sustain and continue our projects' objectives. The US Department of Labor defines sustainability as, "the continuation of a project's goals, principles, ...

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    Community Spotlight Perris, California: e3p3 Live Well Perris Name of the Project: Live Well Perris 1. What are some of the greatest health challenges that the members in your community face? According to the Census Bureau, Perris has a median ...

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    All, I just uploaded a new template to the Resource Library which will help your team develop a Community Engagement "Bright Spot" document quickly and easily.  You can use a Community Engagement "Bright Spot" document to: Highlight the work of ...

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    Community Mapping Let's put our cities and counties on the map! Each HC50 community is developing, instituting and installing a public health initiative with the goal to target a vulnerable population, to make a lasting impact, and to be an example ...

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    Community Spotlight Independence, Missouri: Healthy Homes Name of the Project: Smoke Free Multi-Unit Housing 1. What are some of the greatest health challenges that the members in your community face? Helping landlords and owners see ...

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    Greetings Challenge Participants & Partners! I have met a few of you in person and on webinars but I wanted to take the time to formally introduce myself here on the learning network.  I am a Program Manager here at the National Association of Counties ...

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