APHA’s 1 Billion Steps Challenge

By David Richards posted 01-03-2018 15:23

Hi HC50 Community,

Is your community looking to increase physical activity for a New Year’s resolution? Join APHA’s 1 Billion Steps Challenge. The HC50 Community has its own team!

APHA’s 1 Billion Steps Challenge makes it easy and fun to promote good health and physical activity in your community. To help successfully get moving, the Challenge has partnered with Stridekick to give participants free access to their fitness-tracking platform.

Read the linked attached document to learn how you and your community members can join the HC50 Team or to create your own team and then go to the APHA challenge on the Stridekick page to login to your account or create a new one. To join the Healthiest Cities & Counties Challenge Team, select ‘join’ under the HC50 icon.

We love friendly competition and hope that you get your friends and family involved in the fun.

Feel free to send some stories and pictures of your walking and moving activities. We can highlight HC50’s success on the Learning Network.

If you need more information about the challenge, contact David Richards at david.richards@apha.org. We hope to see your community out walking.

Thank you!

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01-31-2018 14:49

So who is participating in Billion Steps Challenge?  Any community put together a team?  We hope to break our record of over 2 billion steps last year.